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You will have the best opportunity for a successful caribou hunt in Alaska, by booking your hunt with professional Alaska caribou hunting guides or outfitters. I will put you in touch with one of the best Alaskan caribou hunting guides, at no cost to you. Costs you no more to book your caribou hunt through BOOKING NW GUIDES. Give me a call: 541-756-6974.  

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You will fly-out to the remote parts of Alaska with your guide. Hunting with one of  the Alaska Caribou hunting guides can be the hunt of a lifetime.

This is a good opportunity for someone wanting to hunt trophy caribou. Best access is in August and September before freeze up in October or November.

The proven method for a Alaskan Caribou hunt is to locate a large herd from the airplane, land as close as possible, set-up a small camp, and then begin hunting the following day. By Alaska regulation you can’t shoot the same day you fly.
                                      Alaska guided Caribou hunting                               
Alaska Caribou habitat is mostly open tundra country, the spot-n-stalk hunting method is used almost exclusively for rifle hunting, shots range from 100 to 200 plus yards. For our archery hunters we use an ambush hunting technique by concealing ourselves in some brush and waiting for them to pass by at close range. With the nature of hunting herd animals you should have the opportunity for the bull of your choice. There is always the very real possibility of harvesting a trophy Caribou of record book size.

Alaska Caribou hunting guides and outfitters have learned the habits of the caribou and the terrain. They have a working knowledge of trophy judging, camp cooking and care of meat. Alaskan caribou hunting guides and outfitters are very competent and capable woodsmen. 

Your guided Alaska Caribou hunt is conducted from a comfortable, warm tent camp. Alaskan Guides have a working knowledge of trophy judging, firearm safety, first aid, camp cooking and care of meat. Trophies will be field dressed, cleaned and salted before being delivered to the airport, expeditor or local taxidermist.

Success in taking a trophy Caribou is higher when hunting with an Alaskan hunting guide. Make your hunting reservations early as Alaska Caribou hunting guides and outfitters have a limited number of hunting dates. Go Alaska caribou hunting while you can.

Alaska hunting license: $85 nonresident      $300 nonresident Alien
Caribou tag: $325 nonresident                      $425 nonresident Alien
Black Bear tag: nonresident $225                 $300 nonresident Alien

7 days Guided $9,000 Black bear may taken at no extra charge, provided no extra move is required & proper tag are purchased prior to the hunt.

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