Alaska Dall Sheep hunting

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                          Dall Sheep hunting Guide     
                              Dave "I added one more Ram to my slam".
Even though you hunt on foot, bush planes, boats and horses make it possible to access some hunting areas.

                            Alaska Dall Sheep hunting
Dall Sheep hunting in Alaska is done in the high country,  requiring hiking and carrying a light pack with mobile hunting camps. They typically lack any of the comforts of home. Alaska Dall Sheep hunting guides conduct thier hunts by back packing from a spike camp. Good physical conditioning can enhance your opportunity of success.

Trophy, Alaska Dall Sheep hunting requires physical endurance and persistence. If you have that, you could be
rewarded with a trophy ram. Dall Sheep are one of Alaska' s prime trophies, hunt them while your are able. 

Alaskan hunting guides and outfitters sell their Dall Sheep hunting dates months ahea
d of hunting season. Enjoy 1X1 1 guide with 1 hunter guiding with top-notch, experienced guides with a proven track record
 of trophy rams.                      
Go Dall Sheep hunting while you are able.

Alaska Dall Sheep hunts.
Near 100% success.
5-year average of 36.5"
All hunts are physical (some are extremely so). Sheep live in some of the most rugged terrain in North America.

1 on 1 - 10 Days - $13,000.00
2 hunters with 1 guide 10 days $8000.00 per hunter with a $2500.00 trophy fee (Trophy fee on 2X1 only).
Alaska hunting license $85 non-resident $300 Alien
Dall Sheep tag $425 non-resident  $450 Alien

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