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The best opportunity for a successful moose hunt in Alaska, is by booking your hunt with professional Alaska Moose hunting outfitters or guides. We will put you in touch with one of the best Alaska Moose hunting outfitters, at no cost to you. Costs you no more to book your moose hunt through BOOKING NW Guides. Give us a call: 541-756-6974  



For the entire moose hunt, you will be with your own guide. Alaska Moose hunting outfitters and guides are competent and capable woodsmen, and have their own territories to hunt. Because they are in their hunting area so often, they learn the habits of the moose, and they know where to hunt.

Success in taking a trophy Alaska Moose is higher when hunting with professional Alaska moose hunting outfitters. The Alaska Yukon Moose are the largest moose in the world and hunting trophy Alaska moose can be the hunt of a life time.

Alaskan Moose hunting guides and outfitters conduct their hunts from comfortable and warm tent camps. Your guide will have a working knowledge of trophy judging, firearm safety, first aid, camp cooking and care of meat. Trophies will be field dressed, cleaned and salted before being delivered to the airport, expeditor or local taxidermist. 

You can choose to hunt with your rifle or your bow. The action is up close and can be intense. Most shots average 20 to 60 yards. About 60 per cent of the hunters bring a rifle and the others use a bow.

Alaska Moose hunting may be a combination hunt with Grizzly Bear or Caribou.    
Alaska Moose hunting outfitters and guides take a limited number of moose hunters each year. Alaskan Moose hunts are sold early so make your plans as soon as you can. Go moose hunting in Alaska while you are able.

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