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Oregon allows archery hunters to hunt deer and elk at the same time. Not only is this a good time of year to hunt Mule Deer. The elk are in the rut, best time for bugling elk. We encourage you to book the combo hunt as over the years we have had our clients wish they had gotten both tags.


Success in taking a trophy mule deer with your bow is higher when hunting with a professional Oregon archery hunting guide.  Make your hunting reservations early as Oregon guides have a limited number of hunting dates.

Most Oregon bow hunting units are general season tags. Must buy your tag before hunting season opens. There are some units that are controlled and you must be successful in the draw. But if you are a non-resident bow hunter, certified Oregon guides and outfitters have the opportunity to market non-resident hunting tags. These Guaranteed tags must be sold to their clients by April 15. These tags are very limited and are sold early.

Mule deer bucks during archery season may still be in velvet, but are about to shed it. They are not as weary as they would be during their rut later in the season. And this  makes them more approachable for the bow hunter. Many times bucks are seen together at this time of year. An excellent time of year for a good opportunity at a nice buck.

If you are thinking about hunting in one of these limited areas in Oregon give us a call. We will put you in touch with a Guide that holds one of these hard to get tags.

Go Mule Deer hunting in Oregon while you are able.

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