Canada Cougar hunting

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There is a high concentration of trophy Cougar Mountain Lions in Canada.
In some areas your Canada cougar hunting can be booked as a combination hunt with Lynx and Bobcat. 
There have been record book cats taken each year. Over the past several years the trophy Cougar populations are stronger than ever. These big Toms weigh 150 to 200 pounds, and make impressive full body mounts. Hunting with Canada Cougar hunting guides and outfitters offers an opportunity for an exceptional trophy, as well as some memorable photo and video opportunities. 


You will be hunting Cougar from a heated cabin with all the amenities, using a 4 wheel drive, snow machine or on foot with hounds. Great hunting! You will be hunting with a guide in the months of December through March. Cougar are plentiful in Canada, but it is rare to see one without running them with good dogs.

The cougar is one of the most elusive cats on in North America, but in winter months the hunt is aided by the presence of tracking snow. Once a track is found and the dogs are released, the fun begins! If snow conditions are favorable, Canada Cougar hunting success rate is normally 100%. 
Cougar hunting guides and outfitters have a limited number of hunting dates each year. The hunting dates fill months ahead of the hunting season.

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