Canadian Hunting Guides and Outfitters

You will have the best opportunity for a successful hunt in Canada, by booking your hunt with professional Canadian hunting guides and outfitters. I will put you in touch with one of the best Canadian hunting guides, at no cost to you.  541-756-6974.

Canadian hunting guides and outfitters have been blessed with magnificent scenery and abundant wildlife, a big game hunting and photographer’s paradise. Offering the Central Barren Ground Caribou hunting and Muskox hunting in the Northwest Territories. In British Columbia you can hunt Elk, Moose, Stone Sheep, Mountain Goat, Mountain Caribou, Grizzly Bear, Black Bear, Wolf, Cougar and Lynx.  The land, the animals and the professional Canada hunting guides make a wilderness experience memorable. All non-resident hunters are assisted by a licensed and experienced, Canadian Guide in all provinces.

Booking NW Guides has been working with professional Canada guides and outfitters for over 25 years. Their job is to put you in touch with a guide or outfitter that will talk to you about your vacation plans.

Call for detailed information and take advantage of their free service.



BOOKING NW GUIDES 541-756-6974

I will put you in touch with experienced Canadian hunting guides and outfitters. It is important you talk to him before you decide.

I have been in business over 25 years and our service is free to my clients.
 Fair chase high success Canada hunting.
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