Canada Black Bear hunting

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Canada Black bear hunting is one of North America's most popular big game hunts. Canadian Black Bear hunting guides and outfitters use jet boats for cruising the river and its tributaries. Some use horseback, ATV and on foot.

Canada Black Bear average 6 feet' to 7 feet.  Success in the past years has been 100% in taking one black bear.

Then Fall to September 1st until October 31st. During the fall season your Canada black bear hunting  may be a combination hunt with Elk, Moose or Deer. These are all spot and stalk, fair chase hunts.

Bear hunters will be accompanied by a licensed Canadian hunting guide. Base camps are comfortable log cabins or warm wall tents for sleeping, and a cook house or cook tent, where home cooked meals are served. Season for hunting Black Bear is early Spring - May 5th and until June 15th.

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