Moose hunting outfitters in British Columbia

Find the best Moose hunting outfitters in British Columbia, Canada through Booking NW Guides. For your next Canadian Moose hunt call 541-756-6974.

Moose hunting in Canada is truly a wilderness experience. If a trophy Canadian moose is what your are looking for give us a call. You will be matched with professional moose hunting outfitters. 

Shirley, My Canada Moose hunt was great! My great opportunity was frustrated by a branch that deflected my bullet. We saw over 20 moose in six days and seven were big bulls. I enjoyed meeting Ron and his wife and the guide who worked his butt off for me. I wouldn't trade that experience for anything. I was well pleased with the whole experience. Thank you for arranging everything. Bob Hughes
Canada Moose outfitters hunting camps are from cabins with home cooked meals and all the comforts. Or in the remote areas; you may be staying in a comfortable, warm tent camp. Moose hunting camps have wood stoves and plenty of good food. You may travel by horseback, boat or on foot, but your Moose hunt will be a spot and stalk, fair chase hunt. 
The size of the Canadian Moose are 30"+ - 50"+.  

The season for Canadian moose hunts starts in late August and the season is open to hunt other species at this time. If you would like to harvest another animal during your moose hunt, trophy fees will apply. For booking a combination hunt; in some areas you may harvest Mountain Goat, Elk, Grizzly Bear, Black Bear or Mountain Caribou while hunting for your Canadian Moose.  

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