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Whitewater rafting the Lochsa River
of all the whitewater rivers in Idaho none offers more continuous explosive white water than the Lochsa River  pronounced Lock-saw.  The Lochsa River pounds and churn through more than 40 major white water rapids. This one to three day rafting trip is big white water.

On over night trips you camp on a island where you can fish for trout, take a walk, or sit and enjoy the evening.

Begins in Syringa, Idaho
1 day 20 mile trip, a Super 1 Day 30 mile trip or a 2 to3 day
River Miles 20 to 60         May to July
Rating class III and V rapids           Advanced 
Usual Minimum Age 15    age 17 in high water


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Whitewater Rafting the Middle Fork of the Salmon River is a white water rafting dream! More than 100 rapids span this 105 mile stretch of scenic beauty for an unforgettable whitewater rafting trip. This free flowing river drops

3000 feet through the remote and spectacular River of No Return Wilderness. Natural and untamed, the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho, has been protected by Congress as one of America's first Wild and Scenic Rivers.

You will launch at nearly 6000 feet above sea level and immediately enter a forest of fir and spruce trees. At first, the river is steep, shallow and narrow. You will ride through boulder rapids. The white water rapids are frequent and challenging.

As you drop in elevation, the river widens and the spruce forest opens to vistas of pine studded mountains. Our rafts drift quietly over deep pools of transparent water,

After lunch on the 6th day we reach our take-out just below the confluence with the Main Salmon River, carry personal gear to the waiting bus and settle back for a two hour ride to the town of Salmon, Idaho.

Superb cultural history Indian rock art and pioneer homesteads
Soak in natural hot springs. Crystal clear water.

Meeting Place Stanley, ID
6 days
River Miles 100     mid June to mid August
Rating: class II and IV rapids           Moderate 

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Rafting the Moyie River are run in paddle rafts where we all work as a team. The adventure begins on calm waters where your guide helps you learn the skills needed for the whitewater ahead. After a gourmet riverside smorgasbord lunch, it isn't long before we're bouncing and crashing through boisterous waves in a seemingly endless succession of galloping rapids! It's a fun-filled day for beginners and veterans alike.

You will whitewater raft the Moyie River in Idaho, through this remote wilderness canyon, you will enjoy seeing osprey and ducks and when you are lucky, a moose or bear.

The season for whitewater rafting the Moyie River typically runs from early
June through June 25 or so, depending on the snowpack.  As the weather warms up in early spring, snow begins to melt and the river rises. Since everyone is paddling, we do have an age limit of 16 during the high water period and 14 at other times.

Meeting Place  Moyie Springs near Bonners Ferry

1 day
River Miles 15     May to June
Rating class II and III rapids           Intermediate
Usual Minimum Age 14  age 16 in high water

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Rafting the Snake River in Hells Canyon. Hells Canyon runs through the deepest river gorge in North America. Running from south to north, the Snake River cuts through some of the most rugged, spectacular landscape on earth. Where boulders and rock slides have rolled into the river, you find the biggest whitewater rapids in the Pacific Northwest.
Between the rapids, there's plenty of time to kick back and marvel at the snow-capped peaks over a mile above you.

Meeting Place Cambridge, Idaho
3 to 6 Days
River Miles 34 to 81          May to October
Rating class III and IV rapids        Moderate
Usual Minimum Age
7 age 10 at high water 

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Whitewater rafting the St. Joe River It is definitely a whitewater thriller with raft-bashing waves and holes. As the water drops later in the month, the white water rapids mellow and it becomes a great introduction to paddle rafting. On cold water rafting trips, the outfitter provide wetsuits and booties.

Like liquid emerald, the waters of the St. Joe River reflect and absorb the rich green of its cedar-lined course. As it flows and caresses moss-covered banks, challenging, yet playful class 111 white water rapids dance among the rocks.
Altogether you will float between 12 to16 miles, depending on the water level. The scenery along the way is stunning. Thick cedar forests line the river's banks. The water is crystal clear and in the deep pools at the end of the rapids you can actually see trout swimming.

1 day
Meeting Place  St. Regis, Montana
River Miles 12to16 miles  May to July
Rating class II and-III rapids        Intermediate
Usual Minimum Age 14 age 16 during high water

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