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Find the best Idaho rifle Elk hunting guides and outfitters for your next Idaho elk hunt, through Booking NW Guides. Free trip arranging and guide finding by Booking NW Guides.
       Mike from Nebraska, said "There are allot of elk in his area, believe me."

Most camps for rifle Elk hunting in Idaho are reached by horseback. For your pack-in rifle Elk hunts, you will experience a true wilderness adventure with top-notch Idaho guides and outfitters, wranglers, and cooks. Your rifle Idaho elk hunts will involve using horses and walking.

Idaho rifle elk hunting is some of the finest elk hunting anywhere in the western states. Some wilderness areas are rugged and you should keep in mind that hunting is a physical sport and you should be in good health.
The rifle elk season runs from mid September through mid November. This allows you a variety of hunting, beginning with trophy elk hunting during the rut to late season snow hunts. Idaho has a few areas left where rifles are allowed during the bugle season. The late Idaho rifle elk hunts have become more  popular as this is an ideal time for hunting trophy bulls.


The  mule deer and whitetail bucks are in the rut which puts the odds in your favor. The weather is generally colder and the snow becomes an essential element for tracking and game movement.

Hunting elk in Idaho with your rifle, can be in combination with deer and black bear hunts. 

Your guided rifle Elk hunt includes food, lodging, guides and  horses.
Heated tents or cabin are used to insure your comfort and family style meals. Everything is furnished except your weapon, personal gear and licenses.

Go on an Idaho rifle elk hunt while you are able.

Idaho Elk & Deer hunt: A wilderness area in the Pioneer Mountains for a hunting adventure of a lifetime. Whether you use a bow or a rifle.

Trophy hunt elk- 7 days 1X1 $6250.00

1X1 (Deer & Elk Combo) $6750.00

Guided rifle elk hunt - 7 days 2X1 $5750.00 per hunter

2X1 (deer & Elk Combo) $6250.00 per hunter

Guided Archery hunt 7 days 2X1 $3750.00 per hunter

2X1 (Deer & Elk Combo) $4250.00 per hunter

Not included in price is hunting license, tag and tax fees.

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