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Montana Elk hunting during the rut, offers outstanding opportunities for taking trophy class bull elk. There are areas you can hunt during bugle season with your rifle. These elk hunts run from mid September to mid October.
A horseback pack-in elk hunt offers a good chance for a trophy bull elk.

General season for Montana elk hunts are conducted from mid October to the end of November. The season allowing you to hunt through the mule deer rut, which usually takes place the beginning of November.

Horseback pack-in hunts for elk and deer are fair chase, wilderness hunting.

Mules or horses carry your gear. Hunting camp has heated wall tents, lanterns and cots and home cooking in the cook tent.
Montana elk hunting outfitters and guides
are licensed and trained in calling, stalking, dressing, capeing, skinning. Elk hunters are paired with his or her own mountain horse and elk hunting outfitter. 
Wilderness Elk hunting areas are in high elevation and rugged country. We recommend that you be in as good physical and mental condition as possible. Your chances for a successful elk hunt are greatly dependent upon physical condition, your shooting ability and the weather.
Elk hunting in Montana can be a combination hunt with deer and black bear.

Go Montana elk hunting while you are able. 

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