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Find the best Muskox hunting outfitters and guides in Cambridge Bay, Victoria Island, Nunavut and Northwest Territories, Canada.

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Muskox hunting outfitters and guides in Cambridge Bay on Victoria Island, Nunavut and the NorthwestTerritories NWT. In the past, all hunters have enjoyed 100 percent success in taking their trophy.

Hi Shirley. If I book another hunt I would go thru you. Your experience with these muskox hunting outfitters over the years is the best Reference I could get. It worked on the last hunt.   
               Phil took this Trophy Muskox with his bow. "Unbelievable archery Muskox hunt". 
, "Thanks once again for helping to arrange this muskox hunt for my Dad and I. "What great a trip!" Mike Winegar, Minn

                           Mr. Poong Sung Kim from Japan took this hugh trophy Muskox.
Barren-Ground Muskox hunting in the spring is conducted from the end of March through mid April on Victoria Island. Hunters success has been 100% on outstanding Muskox Bulls. Hunts are usually on a 2X2 basis with two Canadian Muskox hunting guides and two hunters traveling together on snow machines, for safety measures.
Greenland Muskox hunting in the spring is also conducted in March an April, in Nunavut Territory, on Victoria Island, out of Cambridge Bay, Canada. Past hunters have enjoyed 100% success have scored high enough to make the record book. They call them Musk ox or Musk oxen.
              Thanks, Shirley, for a great trip.  Something to remember in our later years 
Mike from Nebraska took both Greenland Muskox & Arctic Island Caribou trophys on a combo hunt.

Fall Muskox hunts can be a combination hunt with  Caribou.
August - October is ideal for the hunters who are concerned about the weather and temperatures of March or November, for Muskox hunting on Victoria Island. 

The Muskox hunting is done by a spot and stalk method. The traveling is done by boats, 4 wheelers and snow machines.  The walking is very moderate and relatively easy.

Greenland Muskox (SCI classification) – Late Summer 

Hunting is carried out from Cape Peel to Mount Pelly, on the southern coast of Victoria Island –Cambridege Bay, Nunavut

2012 HUNT DATES: Augest 13 – September 3, 2012

Price per hunter: $7,850 USD - 6 full days 1X1 guided hunt.

$2,750 USD - A second muskox tag is allowed and must be pre-arranged and pre-paid.
$2,700 USD - Non-hunting observer.

Not included in price is hunting license, tag and tax fees.

Travelling to and from the hunting area is by boat. Muskox hunters and guides then spot and stalk the inland tundra for muskox. All-terrain vehicles are also used.

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