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Black Bear in Oregon has an increase in population and has very good black bear hunting areas. Success in taking a trophy Black Bear hunt is higher when hunting with Oregon Black Bear hunting guides and outfitters. 

In the Spring, most Oregon black bear hunting is in the months of April to May with exceptional bear hunting.

A few of the western units season is April 1 to June 15. Spring Black Bear hunts are controlled by a lottery system that limits hunters in each of the open units.

Fall Oregon Black Bear hunting General Season in Eastern units are over counter tags: Aug 1 to Nov 30.

Western units: Aug. 1 to Dec. 31.

For more detailed information check with Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife.

Oregon black bear hunting guides and outfitters provide. All camp equipment, food, and guides so you can concentrate on your hunt. Just bring your weapon and personal gear.

Oregon Black Bear hunts are all fair chase hunts.

Tag numbers are limited and on a first come first serve basis. Book your hunt  early as Oregon hunting guides and outfitters have a limited number of hunting dates available.
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