Oregon Elk hunting guides

Find the best Oregon elk hunting guides and outfitters for your next Oregon elk hunt through Booking NW Guides. Free service by Booking NW Guides.

Oregon elk hunting guides and outfiters have years of hunting experience in the units they guide in. Your Oregon elk hunt can be more successful hunting with a professional Oregon elk hunting guide.

Oregon is divided into units and offers great game populations and diverse terrain combined with a very limited number of hunters. That equals a great opportunity for a successful trophy elk hunt

Guided Elk Camps
Deluxe-guided Elk camps provide: All camp equipment, food, and guides so you can concentrate on your elk hunt. Just bring your weapon and personal gear.

Drop Camps
For the do-it-yourselfer group, this is the ideal trip. You will be horse or mule packed-in with your personal gear, food and camping equipment to a well-scouted, predetermined area.

Supplied camp
You will provide comfortable, quality camp equipment, just bring your personal gear and food. Each person is provided with one pack animal, which can carry 125 lbs. The outfitter will horse pack you out, including any game taken. Minimum of three hunters for a drop camp.

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