Oregon Mule Deer hunting

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Oregon Mule Deer hunting is conducted on the eastern side of OregonEast of the Cascade Mountains. You could hunt in terrain that ranges from sage plains to ponderosa pine and spruce forest to treeless alpine tundra dotted by high mountain lakes.

               Guide Damion with Jim Wise' trophy eastern Oregon Mule Dee

Oregon mule deer hunting rifle season is controlled draw tag.
Certified Oregon guides and outfitters have the opportunity to market non-resident hunting tags. These Guaranteed tags must be sold to clients by April 15. These tags are very limited and are sold early.

If you are thinking about hunting in one of these limited areas in eastern Oregon give us a call. We will put you in touch with a Guide that holds one of these
hard to get tags.

Many of the Oregon mule deer bucks our clients have taken range from 18 to 26 inches, but opportunities at bigger 30 inch or better bucks are always a possibility.
When Mule deer hunting with an Oregon guide or outfitter, they furnish everything: tents, heating and cooking stoves, cooking equipment, all the food, and the knowledge of the hunting area.

A legal buck being one with visible antlers. Normally guided hunts run five days during this time with two hunters per guide. You will find Mule Deer hunts in Oregon take place on private ranches or in the forest service land,
depending on what the Oregon guides and packers preseason scouting has shown.

Mule Deer is Oregon's most popular hunted game, so be sure to book early.

Go Mule Deer hunting in Oregon while you are able.

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