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Whitewater Rafting the Deschutes River is one of the most popular rivers in Oregon. Water levels are almost constant year-round, so whether you choose May or September or midsummer, you will have a fun white water rafting trip. The Deschutes rapids flow through a spectacular canyon in central Oregon's high desert. Your Deschutes River whitewater rafting guide will say the conditions are generally quite pleasant and perfect for introducing the beginner to the thrills of class III rapids.When you go rafting on the Deschutes River you will need swimwear, footwear, sun block, and sunglasses for your white water rafting trip. It’s also advisable to have a set of dry clothes handy at the end of the voyage.

90 miles N. of Bend and 95 miles E. of Portland
River Miles 12         1 Day, 2  Days or 3  Days   May to September
Rating class III  rapids        moderate         Usual Minimum Age: 6  50lbs


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Whitewater Rafting the Illinois River is located in the Kalmiopsis Wilderness Area. The Wild Section of Oregon's Illinois River runs for 29 miles through forests and  cuts a steep and winding canyon to its confluence with the Rogue River, approximately 35 miles from the Pacific. The adventurous river runner will enjoy the remote experience of a 4 day spring trip. It is one of the most inaccessible rivers in the lower 48 states, and help can be days away. The Illinois River contains some of the most exciting and challenging whitewater in the west. It has 150 white water rapids, 11 of which are Class IV and one of which has the most difficult rating for a rapid, Class V and V plus.
The Illinois River is a secluded, remote, and rarely run river with wide variations in its flow. Due to its difficulty, isolation, and unpredictable nature, it is best suited for experienced white water rafters looking for a challenging adventure.

Due to the difficulty of the
Illinois River, guides only offer oar-paddle combination rafts. A class 5 river. Must have white water rafting experience to whitewater raft the Illinois River in Oregon. 

River Miles 29       4  Days    April to mid May
Rating class V plus  rapids        difficult        Experienced rafter 

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Whitewater Rafting the upper Klamath River, an isolated section of River. You paddle through miles of continuous whitewater action.  Hells Corner Gorge is one of the west's finest white water rafting river trips. Whitewater rafting the Upper Klamath River holds one exciting, challenging stretch after another. Caldera, Hells Corner, Bushwacker, Ambush, and other classic rapids each do what their names imply: wild, wild fun. This section of river is located between two power generating Dams, providing consistent water releases throughout the year, which in turn means great whitewater rafting. Located in the southern most region of Oregon and nestled between Klamath Falls & Ashland, the upper Klamath River is close but very remote. 

This whitewater rafting trip features warm water, and continuous action. Your Upper Klamath River whitewater rafting guide will offer some of the most exciting whitewater rafting on the west coast!

15 miles N.E. of Yreka and 110 miles N. of Redding
River Miles 17        1 Day and 2 Days    May to September
Rating: class III andIV plus  rapids         usual minimum age 15
Recommended for veteran rafters, fit and adventurous first timers. 


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Whitewater rafting the McKenzie River ,
you will be rafting a 10 mile stretch of  river where the rapids come in quick succession and winds through stretches of road less canyon. The 12 mile section of the lower McKenzie River offers a good first-time white water rafting adventure  fun  rapids and are mixed with calm. Combine the upper and lower McKenzie River for a great two day whitewater vacation.
Your McKenzie River whitewater rafting guide can offer a great 2 day vacation.

1 or 2 day trips    March to October
River side Barbecues or Deli lunches are perfect for visitors, business meetings, clubs and youth groups.

River Miles 10 to 12 miles 
half Day and 1 Day          May to September

Rating class II plus  rapids         usual minimum age 6    50lbs

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Whitewater Rafting the North Umpqua River is at it's best white water rafting early in the season. The North Umpqua River offers fast paced excitement for adventurous beginners or experienced rafters. The white water is unbelievably exciting, the scenery is tall pine trees and volcanic walls around every corner.
2 day whitewater rafting on the North Umpqua River are wonderful overnight adventures for individuals and groups. Camp along the banks of the river.
A Whitewater rafting trip on the North Umpqua River in Oregon is a great spring vacation.

River Miles 10 to 12 miles 
1 Day and 2 Day          May to July
Rating class III plus rapids         usual minimum age 10  50lbs

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Whitewater Rafting Owyhee River is the most approachable section of the Owyhee River as the white water rapids are easy to moderate in nature and we are able to use our larger 16 foot rafts and run more of a normal rafting trip with the usual amenities that make for very comfortable and cushy camping. We visit several wonderful hot springs where we try to spend a night or two. Camps are set on wonderful sand beaches. We see some dramatic geologic formations along the way, some of which are similar to the Dakota badlands. There are plenty of hiking possibilities and plenty of camp time for relaxing, photography, bird watching and whatever else you might like to do. Trips are limited to 16 guests and four guides.

River Miles 63 miles
5 to 6 Days            April to May
Rating class II plus  rapids         usual minimum age 10 50lbs

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Whitewater Rafting the Rogue River, through the wild & scenic canyon has its thrilling whitewater stretches. It is also,  alternated with mild riffles, placid pools, and narrow canyons edged by towering cliffs. The old growth Douglas fir forest, mixed with leafy trees, creates a perfect river bank habitat for the abundant wildlife. Otter, beaver, deer, Roosevelt elk, black bear, cougars, osprey, bald eagles, mallards, wood ducks, wild turkeys, and many others flourish in the Rogue River canyon. Rogue River rafters enjoy an uncrowded, pristine adventure.

The Rogue has famous fun rapids like Rainy Falls, Upper and Lower Black Bar Falls and Blossom Bar Class IV that will leave you memories of the sun dancing off of frothing warm water through beautiful rock formations and narrow canyons edged by towering cliffs.
The incredible wild & scenic Rogue River in Oregon, is a whitewater rafting, kayaking, tubing, and trail hiking playground. 

River Miles 40 miles 

3, 4 or 5 Days      Camping or Lodge trip      May to mid Sept.
Rating class III plus  rapids         usual minimum age 7  50lbs

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