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The mature Roosevelt Bull Elk, is a truly an impressive trophy. Most likely, have shorter and more massive antlers than the Rocky Mountain elk.
If you are looking for a fair chase hunt for an Oregon Roosevelt Elk hunt in the rut, you have found it. Common hunting practice’s include spot-and-stalk, where you and your guide will glass for animals then plan a way to move in for a shot.  
Oregon Roosevelt Elk inhabit the Coast Range and the green rain forests, on the west slope of the Cascade Mountains. They are the largest of all North America’s elk subspecies. A mature bull can weigh up to 1,000 pounds

The thrill and excitement of hearing a big Roosevelt bull elk bugling and having the chance to get him in close enough for a shot is overwhelming. Oregon Roosevelt elk are not as vocal as Rocky Mountain elk, but the guides have had good success calling in bulls during the September archery season. Archery hunting in Oregon can be a combination hunt for Roosevelt Elk and the Columbia Blacktail Deer.

The terrain these Roosevelt Elk inhabit can be extremely rugged, demanding the most, both physically and mentally, of the hunter. 

There are two rifle seasons to choose from, for Oregon Roosevelt Elk hunting. Rifle hunts usually start the second Saturday in November for the first season and runs for five days. Then the second season runs about nine days long. All tags are over the counter with the exception of the Tioga Unit 3-point bull or better hunt which is a draw hunt. There has been a 100% chance to draw this tag in the past.                              

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