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True wild Rio Grande Turkeys are hunted on private land and public land in gently rolling hills with Oak groves. Oregon turkey hunting guides in Douglas and Jackson County hunt the wild Rio Grande Turkeys. Once in a while they will find wild Marriams Turkey.
Sam Pointer  I really enjoyed the type of  turkey hunt I had this year. I am not interested in fancy accommodations. I want to have a fun hunt with good people who enjoy the hunt as much as the kill.


Spring Oregon Turkey hunting season is April 15 to May 31.  You may purchase your Oregon turkey tags throughout the season.

Fall Oregon turkey hunting  October 15 to 30  is a controlled hunt with a Oregon turkey tag limit. A maximum of 2000 tags will be issued on a first-come, first- served basis through license agents or mail order. Hunters may purchase tags beginning Sept. 1 through the end of the season or until the tag limit is reached.
Bag limit: One turkey per day

In some areas, up to three 3 legal Turkeys may be taken for the season.

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