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Find the best Alaska Peninsula Brown Bear hunting guides and outfitters through Booking NW Guides. Alaska Brown Bear hunts on the Alaska Peninsula.

If you want a chance at a trophy size Alaska Peninsula Brown Bear, the Alaska Peninsula consistently produces some of the largest, record-book brown bear in the world.    

Dear Shirley   
Thank you so very much for helping me book my Alaskan Brown Bear hunt. You made a dream come true.
Thanks for everything, Floyd
                 Trophy Brown Bear
                   John Ketchum, Mi. with his 9' + Trophy Brown Bear 

Did you know the Alaska law allows you to hunt the Alaska Peninsula Brown Bear in the spring every other year? Even number for example 2014 then 2016. You will hunt the Alaska Peninsula Brown Bear in the spring as bears are emerging from their dens. This time of the year the hides may be somewhat thicker. After many years of experience hunting brown bear, your Alaskan guide will know where to find the big boars.

     Chuck Sliker, from N.J.  with his 10 ' + Trophy Alaska Brown Bear

You will book your hunt with an Alaskan guide that has had high success, and has produced some bears of over 10 feet. Alaska hunting guides and outfitters will tell you, the Alaska Peninsula has been producing the largest hides and largest brown bear skull sizes in Alaska over the last 20 years.

Alaska Peninsula Brown Bear hunting guides will conduct your hunt from a warm, comfortable tent camp. The Big Bear have been seen and taken right from camp. The Brown Bear hunts are also conducted in the fall every other year. Odd number for example 2013 then 2015. Combination fall hunts are available with moose, caribou, black bear and wolf.

We give you as much information about the hunt as possible, then we will arrange for you to speak with the outfitter, and have all your questions answered before you decide to book your hunt. It's a good idea to book early. The earlier the better to lock in preferred dates.

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