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Find the best Stone Sheep hunting outfitters for your next Stone Sheep hunt, through Booking NW Guides. Sheep hunting in British Columbia, Canada.

Canada offers some of the best big game hunting in North America and is known for trophy Stone Sheep hunting

                      Trophy Stone Sheep hunts
                   Dan Whitelock added a Stone Sheep to his "Slam"

Stone Sheep hunting can be the hunt of a life time. We book for the highest quality Stone Sheep hunting outfitters and guides in British Columbia, Canada.
                          Stone Sheep hunting in BC
It is important that you book your hunt early as Stone Sheep Hunting dates begin in August and are sold months ahead. You will be hunting 1 X 1 one hunter with one guide in Northern British Columbia. The season is open for other species that can be taken on a combination hunt. If you would like to harvest another animal during your sheep hunt, trophy fees may apply.

Go Stone Sheep hunting while you are able, you deserve it. Your success is dependent upon your physical condition and your shooting abilities.

Most Stone Sheep hunts have the assistance of horses but be prepared to do some hiking and climbing, to get into prime sheep country. As with any sheep hunt, it is important that you be in the best possible physical condition. Stone sheep hunts are conducted from a spike camp location and a comfortable tent for accommodation. Using horses as transportation allows you access to the more remote mountain drainages, where often the best rams are found.
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