Alaska unguided Moose hunting

Find the best Alaska unguided Moose hunting, through Booking NW Guides. Fly out drop off for your next self guided Moose hunt in Alaska.

Unguided Moose hunting in Alaska is a great adventure at an affordable price.
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Fly out drop off, self guided moose hunting is for the experienced hunter who wishes to act as his or her own hunting guide and needs no assistance in the wilderness. If you are in good physical condition, self guided moose float hunt is the most economical way to hunt.

We strongly recommend an outfitted hunt. You will be completely outfitted with all the camp gear you need for a successful Alaska unguided moose hunting experience. The equipment provided is of the highest quality and field proven for an efficient functional Alaska out camp.  Bring your rifle or bow and personal gear and let the outfitter take care of the rest.

For the Alaska unguided moose hunter, the logistics and expense of shipping your own equipment to hunt in western Alaska can be overwhelming. It is the
goal of the outfitted hunting program to make it as easy as possible for you to arrive in Alaska with just your personal gear, and be quickly and properly prepared to enter the field with all the equipment necessary for a successful Moose hunt.   
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The rate includes: Transportation from Alaska base to and from your hunting camp, for you and your trophies. The outfitter will provide a camp with tents, cots, kitchen, food supplies, and complete accessories. Supplies will include a mix of fresh foods, canned and dry packaged foods, and freeze dried meals. Fresh food and water supplies are often replenished by air craft during camp checks and meat pick ups.

Alaska unguided Moose hunting are outfitted drop camps. They are near a stretch of river or lake that the flight service can take off and land with a full load. You set up your camp and hunt from that spot. You can realistically hunt an approximately five miles radius from your camp. Your chance for success is very good, with the average bull measuring 60" in width. Black bear and wolves may also be harvested for the price of the tags, if no extra flight is needed.

It is also your responsibility to make yourself aware of all federal, state and local laws concerning hunting, camping, and resource use in the area of your intended hunt. Contact the Alaska Department of Fish and Game for regulations pertaining to hunting Moose unguided in Alaska.

Alaska Unguided moose hunts –Wilderness hunting in Alaska’s Game Management
unit 19C.

This is a physical hunt, be in shape.

Fully outfitted includes comfortable tent camp. All you bring is your hunting gear. Booking with a hunting partner is required, the only people in your camp are your hunting partners.

Moose and Black Bear $6000.00 per hunter August -September
Not included- Hunting license and tag fees.
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